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Geregistreerd op: 16 Sep 2020
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Let us begin at the beginning: Feeding your child’s brain starts with breakfast. We happen to know that children are better focused and more attentive when they eat breakfast, compared with schoolchildren who skip breakfast. Learn more about Children brain development.
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Nutrition has a very important role in the development of a child, but good teaching also plays an important role, especially now, I have lost a lot of knowledge due to quarantine, advise me a good tutor or an online resource where they can help me improve my knowledge.
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Of course, if you want your child to be smart and do well in all subjects, you need help to improve your skills and knowledge in specific subjects. I use the training platform https://studymind.co.uk/ where there are online tutors, you can find a good online tutor to help your child with his studies. They are all friendly people and are ready to help.
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Against the background of the whole situation that is happening in the world, I decided to distract myself and do useful things and decided to take the time to prepare for exams in mathematics. In search of an answer to one question, I looked at a very interesting (as it seemed to me) blog related to mathematics this article. I found a lot of useful and this articles about mathematics there, for example, how many seconds are in 24 hours. I think everyone will find something for themselves.
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