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It is extremely important for part-time students to be able to visit their university or institute as soon as the session begins. It does not matter the age of the student. Education can be pursued at any age. The older you get, the more you need to work. That is, according to statistics, there are many more part-time students who are in the age essay writer free range from 30 to 35 years old, who still continue to study, but at the same time have a fairly prestigious job.
In any case, a part-time student must be granted study leave. But the fact is that the legislation does not provide for all situations that make it possible to combine work and study. For example, the law contains a reference to the fact that only an organization that is the main one for its employee can provide an employee with leave. It means that if an employee works part-time, then he will not take paid leave, but time off at his own expense. At the same time, such an alignment is possible only if such conditions are provided for in the employment contract. That is, if the contract does not contain information that the employee can take some free time at his own expense to study at a university, then the employer may not let him go to study. If, nevertheless, the employee was granted leave,
Also an interesting nuance is that vacations should not overlap each other. For example, if an employee is on maternity leave, but at the same time continues to study and he needs leave for the duration of the session, then he will have to refuse some of the leaves. But there are situations when in some organizations the annual leave is set in advance. So coincides that this vacation falls on the session. Then a decision can be made to shift the main vacation until the end of the training one. But this outcome is possible only upon agreement with the management of the enterprise, since the employee cannot arbitrarily decide that the holidays are combined.
There are some unscrupulous organizations that confuse study and annual leave. That is, if an employee was granted study leave, then he is denied annual leave. It's actually illegal. The law implies that study leave does not deprive an employee of the opportunity to use annual paid leave.
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