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Recently we saw a Victory in Iraq as we took down the Iraqi army in what was clearly the most decisive military victory in history Dru Samia Vikings Jersey , as we went against the then world's third largest army. When major combat operations were over, we moved into a new strategy and set up safety nets to protect the people of Iraq and establish a Democracy. The strategy worked, as purple fingers were the proof.

As 2005 ends we have switched into high gear, as we move to a new strategy, which will ultimately lead to a new Iraq, a democracy in the heart of the Middle East. When one looks at a map all they can do is be amazed at the Herculean efforts performed in the true spirit of peace.

In 2006 we will see new military strategies emerge as our armies Alexander Mattison Vikings Jersey , Navy and Air Force use more robotics to help them get it done. We will have more information than ever before and computer assisted artificial intelligence to help us accumulate it all, decipher it and use it to our advantage. We will see a premium on surveillance information of all kind and we will work hard to protect innocent human life from collateral damage and the lives of our team (blue force).

We will see more scrutiny paid to unique attack methods of the enemy to disrupt our economy andor flows of our civilization. We will put in place more sensors to detect bio-weapons, illegal entry and WMD. We will pay careful attention to making the rounds and maintaining allies as things in bordering nations of our declared or known enemies in the Middle East and Asia continue to fester build up their military hardware and plot against us both in the World Political arena and in secret alliances. Although not this year or the next; eventually Carl von Clauswitz and Sun Tzu will meet or not. At that time and place a mixture of Machiavellian wit and Colonel Boyd Charm will determine the outcome of the biggest game of Risk? the Globe has ever known. Think on this as we move through 2006.

Electric Pressure Washers by Cam Spray Means many Great Options Home Repair Articles | March 29, 2010
There are many great electric pressure washers on the market today, but one company that really stands out is Cam Spray. Take a quick look at this American company and the many great options that they have to offer in electric washers.

If you are in the market for a pressure washer, I have two recommendations: the Cam Spray brand and one of their electric pressure washers. Let's take a look at this US company Irv Smith Jr. Vikings Jersey , why an electric washer, and what Cam has to offer in electric pressure washers.

Cam Spray is a family owned business based out of Iowa Falls, Iowa. They have been? in business almost 40 years, beginning in 1971, first as a distributor for many manufacturers of industrial pumps. Their business evolved into the manufacturing and development of a complete line of pressure washers, drain jetting equipment Garrett Bradbury Vikings Jersey , trailer jetters, water pumps, as well as other products for both industrial and commercial use.

Though they have remained a relatively small company, they have focused on being the best in a specialized market. They offer, and deliver, on the same services and amenities of larger companies. They manufacture hundreds of stock model cleaners Dalvin Cook Vikings Jersey , but when there is a need, they also manufacture custom machinery for their customers. They are very dependable with a very high production capacity. Every single one of their electric pressure washers, as well as every other product they make, is thoroughly tested. Besides producing some of the highest quality products in the industry, they also have top notch customer service. Overall, this is one department where smaller companies out shine the big boys almost every time.

In their pressure washers alone Mike Hughes Vikings Jersey , they offer a lot of variety, from electric pressure washers to gas, diesel or hydraulic powered washers, as well as both cold and hot water washers.

All types of washers have their pros and cons. When it comes to electric pressure washers, they work great in smaller areas, or anything within reach of a long extension cord. Being electric Kirk Cousins Vikings Jersey , you do not have to worry about running out of fuel, or the smell that a gas or diesel engine produces. This is especially important if you are working in a confined space.

When it comes to electric power washers, I was surprised at the large variety of options that Cam Spray offered, especially when it came to the washers portability. Here is what you can get:

Base Mount - these washers are ideal for shops, or general purpose around the home. They have sturdy mount plates for placing on a shelf or for permanent installation somewhere.

Command Cart, MX Cart Adam Thielen Vikings Jersey , Roto Cart and Tube Cart - these pressure washers are all part of a cart system that is designed to be pulled behind you, with a handle at about waist height. Some have enclosed motors, there are different capacity chemical tanks, and different designs in the carts. But all are very portable and easy to maneuver.

Hand Carry - as the name suggests, these are smaller electric power washers that are hand carried, very convenient for occasional use around the home.

Wall Mount - if you need to conserve space and need a pressure washer that is always used in the same area Josh Metellus Vikings Jersey , then one of these cold water electric power washers may be perfect for you. They are mounted on the wall, and are perfect for businesses like restaurants or processing plants.

As you can tell, Cam Spray has a large variety of electric pressure washers. One of these may be a great option for your needs. Evaluate what you need a pressure washer for, and where it will be used, and then take a look at the different electric pressure washers offered to determine what will work best for you.
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