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They have all the control and all the power. Like kittens at the tit Customized Houston Texans Jerseys , we are at the mercy of their snippets of reporting. Waiting for some content to guzzle down, we read stories about the Texans being excited about Christian Covington, Romeo Crennel restoring bite to the Texansí defense, and Tyrann Mathieuís leadership. And if we are lucky, we get a cozy little feature piece like this to nuzzle:I have nothing against these kinds of stories. This is what we get this time of year, and none of it is going to matter. So instead of devouring each little Kevin Johnson goal line interception or getting giddy over Justin Reidís aggression, itís best to look at last year and the offseason to extrapolate information into 2018 as best we can. Until we get new tape, new numbers and new schemes in action, this is the best we got when it comes to football analysis. However, we humans always like a good narrative. Iím no different. Every year, I get sucked into one. This year, itís Will Fuller V bulking up to 185 pounds. Coming out of college, Fuller V was the speed of light.He was a great route runner and a dynamic player. In the professional game, heís been exactly that, but the two biggest negatives he had coming out of college have plagued him as wellócatching ability and the size required to be durable in the NFL. The hands criticism hasnít been erroneous. Fuller still struggles at high-pointing the ball and working the shorter ends of the field www.texansauthorizedshops.com , but it doesnít matter as much when you can outrun someone by ten yards. The durability issue has been more troubling. Since he was selected by the Texans in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, Fuller V has started 23 of a possible 32 games. He had minor knee surgery after suffering a knee injury in Week 17 last season.He cracked his ribs.He broke his collarbone last summer.He battled hamstring issues his rookie season. That was the old Fuller V. The new Fuller V is thick. Heís 185 pounds of Top Thrill Dragster. Heís running up sand dunes. He has newfound biceps. This is what Aaron Wilson reported during training camp:This is all I care about for the rest of summer. If Fuller V can stay healthy for an entire season, this offense has the potential to stave off some of that expected nasty regression. With the amount of attention devoted to DeAndre Hopkins, Houston has to have a receiver who can stretch the field in one-on-one situations and split the safeties. If not, Houstonís offense becomes a lot of flat throwing and Nuk force-feeding. We saw what happened last year when both Hopkins and Fuller are healthy with competent quarterback play. In limited action, Fuller V had a touchdown rate of 25% for the entire 2017 season, catching seven touchdowns on thirteen receptions when Watson was on the field. If Fullerís added weight leads to better durability and health, last seasonís six game joy ride could become sixteen games of diabolical hell unleashed.Pro Football Focus Ranks Texansí Secondary 25th In NFL Once the pass rush was rushed to the infirmary last year, the Texansí defense was done. Unlike in 2016; back then, when A.J. Bouye was a revelation, when Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson could still hang in front of defenders, the 2016 Texans were able to survive despite losing J.J. Watt. But without Watt and Whitney Mercilus in 2017, Houstonís secondary was left battered and fried.The Texansí defense plummeted as a result. Since then, an entire offseason has passed to give Brian Gaine the opportunity to improve one of the worst secondaries in football. To do that, the Texans brought back Joseph Houston Texans Womens T-Shirt , moved Jackson to safety, signed Tyrann Mathieu, Aaron Colvin, and Johnson Bademosi in free agency, drafted Justin Reid, and lost Andre Hal for this season at a minimum to illness. With the new improvements here to correct the old, PFF now has the Texansí secondary as the 25th best in the NFL. This is what they had to say:I believe Houstonís defense (and this season) will be about the health of the Texansí pass rush. If Watt, Clowney, and Mercilus stay healthy, the Texans should have a top five defense.They could get away with having a secondary that uses five or six defensive backs and makes up for talent deficiencies with scheme. So, yeah, the Texansí secondary isnít very good, but itís not as important as the four men rushing the passer in nickel and dime packages.
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