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Getting your children to become interested in science is often a difficult task. With the use of kid friendly science lab equipment and some easy projects the kids will be begging to do more science oriented projects. And will soon be searching ideas of their own unique ways to implement science into fun.

Parents have difficulty with science sometimes as much as their children do. They have the idea that it takes rocket science degrees to become science oriented. The following projects are super easy and fun. They will get your kids not only having fun with science but eager to do more.

This first project is great for teaching things such as how stuff grows Raekwon McMillan Hat , the process involved and the end results with a lot of indiscreet learning in between. As you complete each step explain the process in kid friendly terms and encourage them to ask questions. Both projects are only four easy steps but packed with information.

For step one, purchase some science lab equipment like inexpensive sponges. The sea sponges that are used for crafts and painting work great because you can give explanations about where they come from. Use a microscope to let them view what the sponge looks like dry and wet. If using cellos sponges the kids can cut shapes from the square sponge. Use this as an opportunity to learn geometry.

Step two teaches why water is needed for growing food and plants. Soak the sponge and place in a baggies that has been filled with seeds of your choice. Roll the sponge around in the bag until it is covered with seeds.

Step three: tie a piece of string around the sponge or if preferred feed string through a hole in the sponge. Hang the seed covered sponge in an area that will provide lots of sunlight. In a week or less there will sprouts forming on the sponge.

Step four will teach them how to care for the plant and the result of caring for them. When sprouts have begun Jason Sanders Hat , remove string and place in a clay pot that has been half filled with potting soil. Sprinkle soil over the sponge and put in a sunny area until fully grown.

Parents and kids of any age love to do this next project which is a lava lamp of sorts without the light. To start fill a jar with two cups of water and few drops of food coloring. Stir will and set aside. This will teach your children how to use measurement and mixing.

Step two is adding the oil. Measure a half of cup of vegetable and pour into the jar of colored water. Allow to sit for a few minutes so the oil will separate from the water.

In the third step kids learn about weight and gravity. Without shifting the jar pour a teaspoon of salt directly in the jar. When the salt lands on the oil it will form some clumps. The clumps will begin to sink due to the weight.

Step four encourages the learning of movement, gravity and separation. After the clumps reach the bottom the salt will start dissolve and cause the oil to float back to the top. Each time you want to sink the oil Jerome Baker Hat , just add salt.

Science is fun for parents and children. It encourages children to ask questions and look up the answers with their parents. The more gadgets kids have the more interest they have in using them. For gifts opt for microscopes and other science lab equipment to encourage learning science.
A Walk in Bathtub is a Blessing For the Handicapped Home Business Articles | August 9, 2010
Those were the days when getting into a bathtub to have a bath for the elderly or handicapped person was a real problem.

In fact the most difficult part of having a bath in a tub was the getting in and out of it and as you grow older you tend to lose your balance in the process because stepping over the high sides of the tub was not easy.
But with the innovation of the walk-in bathtub Mike Gesicki Hat , this insurmountable problem seems to have been solved. The elderly have no need to worry about how they can have a bath without having to look for help from others. And the other members of the house have the peace of mind that their loved ones are safe.
The walk-in bathtub has a door that can be opened for the person to step in and once it is closed the door is sealed to prevent water from seeping out. The tub has non-slip flooring and is provided with a non-slip seat, so that people who cannot stand for long have the convenience of bathing seated. The grab bars are placed at strategic positions so that the bather feels confident that he can always hold on to them when they feel a sense of imbalance.
Moreover the taps are placed at arms reach and are provided with extendable shower heads that will ease the bathing process all the more. the other benefit of a walk-in bathtub is that the faucet is fitted with anti-scald mixing valve that ensures the user receives water at the right temperature. The water propelled jets in the walk-in bathtub is replaced with air propelled hydrotherapy jets so that people with tender or delicate skin are not hurt with the force of water from the water propelled jets.
Another advantage is that water is totally drained out after use unlike in a Jacuzzi where the water is re-circulated Kenny Stills Hat , so that it can be wiped clean with a disinfectant to ensure that it is always free from any bacteria and this is especially imperative for people who are prone to diabetes or are recuperating form surgical procedures.

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