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Patti and Jeff return to discuss the Bearsí new signings and the most appropriate Bear celebration snacks."Being who you thought we were since 2005!Log In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsSectionsBearsOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Latest NewsThe Bears DenNotesXs and OsSuperfansFrom The Desk Of...Chicago Bears Free Agency 2019Bears Blither-Blather: Free Agency Eric Kush Jersey , Snacks, and 100 years of BearsNew,8commentsPatti and Jeff return to discuss the Bearsí new signings and the most appropriate Bear celebration snacks.CDTShareTweetShareShareBears Blither-Blather: Free Agency, Snacks, and 100 years of BearsMike Davis has a nice roundness to his frame.Patti Curl: Letís just jump in to the most pressing topic concerning the Bears free agent signings. Is it immature for me to be endlessly amused by the fact that our new safeties name is effectively Ha Ha...Dix? Or, perhaps, is it so immature that itís actually very mature?Jeff Berckes: Is this one of those ďis he so overrated that heís actually underratedĒ arguments? Iíve given out a few nicknames in my day that have stuck with the person, for better or worse, through childhood and into adult life. His full name is HaíSean Treshon Clinton-Dix and Iíll admit, when the Packers drafted him in 2014, I immediately sent my friend a text saying ďwell, thatís a laughable pick.Ē Itís kind of a funny name and itís ripe for a meme of Nelson from the Simpsons to point and laugh every time he does something wrong. As for the second half of the name, well, thatís always funny. I think I lean into the Bears - Packers rivalry harder than most because it can be good clean fun. The fighting on Twitter and in the comments sections between fans of the two franchises about what the other is getting has been entertaining. Adrian Amos signed a really nice deal with the Packers and will improve their secondary (because it was a tire fire before he signed...), but he probably wonít have a great time of it if they expect him to be a play maker back in center field. Heís a good football player - he just happened to be about the 10th most important starter on the Bears defense. The Bears signing HHCD on a reasonable one year deal to reunite with college teammate Eddie Jackson was easily Ryan Paceís best move this free agency and Iím not the least bit worried about him being effective in that support structure. Heís got a first round pedigree and has played at a high level in the NFL. The real losers in that swap were Washington, who forked over a 4th round pick for a half season rental and failed to resign him. That, more than anything, deserves the Nelson Muntz treatment.Other than HHCD https://www.thebearsfanshop.com/Roquan-Smith-Jersey , who are you most excited about donning navy and orange? Have you developed any draft crushes yet?PC: To stay on the subject of great first names, I have to say Iím quite fond of ďBuster.Ē My feeling is any time your name would make a great nickname for a dog, youíre doing something right. The similarities between Buster Skrine and Ha Ha ďClintonĒ-Dix donít stop there, though. Theyíre both replacements that have more big play potential with a little less down-to-down consistency. Combine that with Paganoís aggressive approach, and Iím already imagining the takeaways rolling in all season. With year 2 of Nagyís system and Trubiskyís continued development, the defense will probably only need to get one stop a game to win anyway.Iíll also say after watching Mike Davis highlights, the man will look good in a Bear uniform. He has a roundness to his frame that is very aesthetically appealing as he stomps down the field and I wonít mind at all if we end up with a heavy dose of Davis next season. Iíve been woefully out of the loop when it comes to the draft, partially because the Bears really donít need to add anyone, and aside from potentially a day two running back, the drafties will be developmental and depth pieces. Although I canít stop fawning over the fact that a 260 pound person ran the 40 at Tarik Cohen speed, I havenít really developed any draft crushes within the Bears reach. Hopefully, youíre following closer. Are there any talented running backs with great tape that might fall to the 3rd round due to injury or poor athletic testing? That seems like the profile for a potential Bear superstar.JB: The good news for the Bears is that this draft aligns well with their needs - specifically mid-round backs. Bears Over Beers, the new podcast EJ Snyder and I host (listen, subscribe, tell your friends!), will be diving into running backs next. EJ said heís been watching so much college running back tape that he thinks it might be two episodes! For my part, I just watch Tarik Cohen highlights so I can accurately describe his awesomeness. Iím still trying to find the right words. Stunning? Breathtaking? Incredibilisimo? One guy that keeps getting bandied about is David Montgomery, the excellent runner out of Iowa State. Heís a fine player but Iím kind of rooting against the Bears taking him for the selfish reason that Iím an Iowa Hawkeyes fan surrounded by a majority of Iowa State grads. If the Bears take Montgomery Eddie Goldman Color Rush Jersey , I will be forced to have a lot of conversations with Iowa State fans at work and I simply donít want to do that. Donít get me wrong, Iíll cheer for the guy - I just donít want to give any credit to the ISU faithful. One of my favorite things to watch every year from the combine is the Rich Eisen simulcam, as he always shows great humility, raises money for a good cause, and itís fascinating to see what a typical human looks like up against these elite athletes. As someone who was electronically timed running the 40 many years ago and weighing in at a little less than that 260 pounds, I can tell you that my time was comfortably over 5 seconds. Yes, itís fair to say that Iíve always been, whatís a nice way to say it, slower than molasses on a cold morning, but it should provide most of the armchair watchers with a little context. Montez Sweatís run at 260 pounds in running back territory is just plain silly. This is one of the reasons why watching the NFL is so much fun - the athleticism has never been higher. We just found out that the Bears will officially host the Packers to start the year off 1-0 in celebration of the 100th season of the Chicago Bears and the NFL. It will be the 199th meeting between these two teams and a series sweep this season by the Bears will even the mark at 97-97-6. What will you do to celebrate the 100th season? PC: Iím going to need a second to process how many years of Bears football I missed out on.Ok. I took that second watching Tarik Cohen highlights, and I had almost forgotten the time James Daniels carried Cohen the final 3 yards of a game-winning first down. What a terrific pair of Bears right there.Now, to celebrate the 100th. First, I think Iíll have to do it at the beginning of the season, since I donít want it to interfere with playoff and super bowl celebrations. Maybe Iíll finally learn to sew and fashion a dress out of a combination Akiem Hicks and Gayle Sayers jersey to make a #46 Sacks jersey, which of course would be more of a shout-out to Buddy Ryanís 4-6 defense than a call for the Bears to only get 46 sacks next season. I could also finally make the kitty-sized ďBig CatĒ Williams jersey Genghis has been begging me for. Now Iím realizing I need to make more NYC Bears fan friends. Or I can just invite all the Patriots and Packers fans that infest my life and make them put on bear ears at the door.What do you think is the most appropriate Bear party food?JB: I think serving food that would make an actual bear happy makes a lot of sense. A tray with smoked salmon, mixed berries, and honey roasted nuts is an excellent starter. For the main course, serve up some bison burgers (sorry Bills fans) Marcus Cooper Jersey , cooked up medium rare. The most appropriate pastry for dessert is the bear claw, obviously, and in my experience they are tasty at all hours of the day... and night. For a beverage, look no further than a nice refreshing mead, made by fermenting honey. Just let me know what I can bring!PC: I think youíre spot on with those suggestions. The only part of a Bearís perfect diet your missing is insects. I had some fried dragonflies in Indonesia once and they were surprisingly tasty. I can see them working well as a chip replacement in some bearibly-delicious nachos. On second thought, letís save those for the super bowl celebration meal. It should be easier to find dragonflies in Florida. This is a really good hoodie!"Being who you thought we were since 2005!Log In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsSectionsBearsOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Latest NewsThe Bears DenNotesXs and OsSuperfansEventsFrom The Desk Of...Chicago Bears Product Review: FOCO HoodeezNew,5commentsThis is a really good hoodie!CSTShareTweetShareShareChicago Bears Product Review: FOCO HoodeezFrom time to time we get emails or messages from companies or marketing/PR firms that want us to check out their stuff or their clientís stuff. Weíre always being sent links to NFL Draft simulators, or weíre being offered advanced copies of books on football to review, weíre also asked to check out analytical sites to give our expert take on, and every so often weíre asked to give our thoughts on some Chicago Bears merchandise. FOCO recently asked me to check out one of their products, and the product they suggested piqued my interest and freaked me out in a Ďbig brother is watchingí kind of way. I was recently online searching for an oversized hoodie to get as a gift for my wife and daughter, so when FOCO showed me their Chicago Bears Reversible Big Logo Hoodeez product I immediately cleared the cookies in my browser. That was just a coincidence right? Regardless, the big-ass hoodies I was looking at were no where as cool as the one at FOCO. Iíd love to give a more detailed review of the product, but as soon as I opened the package my wife took it. From what I can gather, the hoodie is warm and comfy, and there is a smaller Bears logo on the white (fluffy) side. Needless to say Iíll need to get one for my daughter now...
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Letís just jump in to the mostbig chinese buffet near me pressing topic concerning the Bears free agent signings. Or, perhaps, is it so immature that itís actually very mature?Jeff Berckes:
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If I said the way I feel for you would never change
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happy wheels
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