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Lutein for macular degeneration prevention Published: 21.06.2010 | Author: udtekadapter | Category: Acne
As a component of a healthy retina Andrew Luck Womens Jersey , lutein has been the subject in many researches during the past several decades. Most of these study groups have focused on the link between lutein and macular degeneration. Macular degeneration now affects about 1.2 million Americans. And there are currently no effective treatments for this disease. As a result, macular degeneration prevention comes into the most important.

Macular degeneration is believed to be a lifestyle-related disease. Both eating habits and a couple of lifestyle factors may contribute to this eye disease. Moreover, generic factors are also one of the major contributors, in which case the disease may be inevitable and more serious. Since lutein is a major component of the retina Khari Willis Womens Jersey , this nutrient is considered to be close related with macular degeneration.

Macula is exactly a tiny spot within the retina and is responsible for central vision, which is the most important part of the overall vision. Dry macular degeneration is the main target of those studies focusing on lutein as well as other antioxidants. These study groups want to reach an exact conclusion about the benefits of lutein to macular degeneration prevention.

In fact, there is proven evidence showing that lower concentration of both lutein and zeaxanthin in the retinas is closely associated with macular degeneration. But evidence linking low levels of lutein alone and the disease is still absent. This way of nutrient concentration measurement has been developed recently. Ophthalmologists may be able to measure the antioxidant concentration in their offices in the future.

The strongest connection between lutein and macular degeneration came from a six-year study by the National Eye Institute in Maryland. Lutein is believed by researchers of this study to protect against blindness. But the formula they used also contained zeaxanthin.

In addition, some other studies also recommend fish oil Bobby Okereke Womens Jersey , the antioxidant Astaxanthin and other beneficial foods for early intervention of macular degeneration. Fish, fruit and vegetable are decisive to a healthy body.

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